The foundation of the AYF Olympics has been its athletes. We cannot wait to welcome the athletes – whether you are a novice or a pro, whether you work out from your lazy-boy lounge chair or cannot refrain from doing lunges in a coffee shop line, we believe first and foremost that SPORTSMANSHIP in this Olympics is what matters most. Being an athlete should be celebrated, for sure, but being part of a team – your chapter team – is even more a reason to celebrate.

Amo will be adding information as the pieces develop, but for now, our amazing AYF athletes, eat your Wheaties, train well and aim high. And know at the end of the finish line, we are there cheering you on no matter what!

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FRIDAY, AUG 30, 2019

Sport: Tennis

Times: 9 AM to 5 PM

Address: 411 S. Maple St, Mt Prospect, IL

Distance: About 20 minutes from the hotel. Bus shuttle information to follow.


Features: Seamless tennis courts surrounded by trees, large parking lot and clean restrooms inside adjacent Lions Center. It is a clean, attractive, quiet neighborhood with plenty of room for guests to walk around in-between matches. Also next door is a walking path, giant field and a modern park, Lions Park, that your kiddos will love!

Concessions: We will be serving packaged goods, water and soda pop

Court information and view:

FRIDAY, AUG 30, 2019

Sport:  Swimming

Times: 5 PM to 8 PM

Address: Harper College/Palatine Pk District, Health & Recreation Building M, 1200 Algonquin Rd, Palatine, IL

Distance: At 5 PM (Labor Day Fri), roughly 45 minutes from the hotel so plan early! Later in evening, under 30 minutes one way. Bus shuttle information to follow.

Directions from hotel:

Features: Six-lane pool (shallow end 4’) and deep end (13’ max). Water temp 80-81 degrees.

Concessions: We will be serving packaged goods, water and soda pop


Sport:  Softball

Times: 9 AM to 5 PM

Address: Rand Park, behind Mystic Waters Pool, 2025 Miner St, Des Plaines, IL

Distance from hotel: Roughly 15-20 minutes. Bus shuttle information to follow.

Directions from hotel:

Features: One of the nicest and most pristine softball fields! Tucked behind the Mystic Waters pool, the Des Plaines Park District has given us a gift of two manicured fields and even softball experts on our team loved this field and said it was one of the best they had (ever) seen!

Other amenities at Rand Park include a park with swings, slides, climbing apparatus, benches, bleachers, a clean restroom building, tennis courts, and two half basketball courts. We thank the park district for their support.  Softball has transformed over the years into the hub of picnicking, so we plan to offer the ultimate in Midwest Hospitality surrounded by a gorgeous wooded area you won’t want to miss! Details to come.


SUNDAY, SEPT 1, 2019

Track and Field: We are inches… mere inches away from closing the deal on a fantastic, nearby, beautiful site! Amo will make sure it happens and we will post it here soon… very soon!