AYF Olympics Adbook!

The Racine Armen Garo AYF chapter would like to thank the following Gold Page Sponsors for their support. Please click on our sponsors’ links below the slideshow to visit their sites:

Ed Shamshoian (Racine, WI)
Khaligian Family (Kenosha, WI)
Kzirian Family (Philadelphia, PA)
Manoogian Family (Florida)
ARF Racine “Marzbed” Gomideh
ARF Detroit “Azadamerd”

ARF Worcester “Aram”
ARS Racine “Soseh”
The Oud Player

Kzirian Family (California)
Camp Haiastan Staff, 2017
Krikorian & Serafino Families (In Memory of John & Elsie Krikorian)

James & Nora Kzirian (Philadelphia, PA)
Olson Family (Racine, WI)
Manoogian Guro Orthopedics
Mrs. Rose Shamshoian (Racine, WI)
Armenian Physicians of Racine

Philadelphia Steering Committee (2018 Olympic Hosts)
AYF Racine “Armen Garo”
Vartanian Family (Racine, WI)
Guzelian Family
Salbasian Family (Racine, WI)
Piranian Family (Manhasset, NY)
Meneshian & Dombalagian Families (In memory of Murad Meneshian)


The adbook deadline has passed. Thank you to all of those who placed an ad in support of this year’s AYF-YOARF Senior Olympics! See you in Milwaukee!