Who is Amo?


What is an Amo? Rather who is Amo? Amo means uncle in Armenian and there’s always one uncle that everyone has, whether by blood or by bond, who is always the most fun, char, silly and/or charismatic!

Amo is a lively animated representative who will guide you through a year of promotions, progress and even a little bit of crazy, but he’s still everyone’s Amo.

He’s your Uncle Kev, Arsen, Ara, Ross, Aren or Hagop. Amo Dave or Harry.  Everyone’s fun Amo Minas, Hovig or Khachig. With a huge heart and Armenian spirit, he is your uncle as he is ours. He embraces you with the greatest of hospitality. And we asked Amo to help navigate the way to music, hotel, dance, athletic and Chicago information for Sr. Olympics this year.  He is a tour guide and sometimes kind of humorous. He is sometimes naughty, sometimes nice. He may even be onsite in the hotel or fields, maybe, who knows where he may pop up.

Follow Amo’s adventures by Liking our facebook page (AYF Olympics)and checking out upcoming issues of the Armenian Weekly.  He will also be offering freebies through social media contests, prizes and giveaways… and who doesn’t love the uncle who gives you free stuff?