Codes of Conduct

AYF Code of Conduct

The AYF-YOARF Central Executive eagerly awaits the arrival of the 2017 AYF Olympic Games in Downtown Milwaukee. The AYF wishes the very best for arriving guests and participants and hopes to provide all attendees with the experience of a memorable weekend. Our games are associated with fraternalism, athletic competition and the existence of an enjoyable and safe social environment.

Welcoming our guests also involves informing them of the obligations associated with staying at the Olympic hotel and attending the athletic events at South Milwaukee High School. The AYF expects the very best behavior from those attending the annual AYF-YOARF Olympics. The following guidelines will be implemented by the Olympic Steering Committee in place during the course of the Olympic weekend. There will be no exceptions.  With regard to the hotel:

  • Vandalism or damaging hotel property of any kind will not be tolerated
    • The Hyatt Regency Milwaukee services ALL guest rooms EVERY day
    • The Hyatt Regency Milwaukee has made it clear that all guests must abide by their rules (attached)
  • Destructive behavior of any sort will not be tolerated
  • Excessive noise in common areas will not be tolerated
  • No outside alcohol will be permitted.  If alcohol is found, the contents will be stored in a secure location and returned to guests at time of departure
  • Users of abusive and controlled substances will not be tolerated
  • Underage individuals consuming alcohol will not be tolerated
  • Adult presence required in all hotel rooms – no underage and unsupervised minors will be permitted to remain in rooms alone
  • Any individual engaging in abusive and disruptive behavior towards others and the Olympic Steering Committee will not be tolerated
  • Any other illegal activity as codified in Wisconsin criminal statutes will not be tolerated

Any violation of these guidelines will result in removal from the hotel for the duration of the weekend. These and any other violations according with local and state law will be enforced by the Olympic Steering Committee and the Hotel.

With regard to South Milwaukee High School, the use of alcohol, controlled substances  and any tobacco products are prohibited at Friday evening’s swim meet, Saturday’s softball tournament  and Sunday’s track and field meet.  In addition, vandalism or damaging school property of any kind and destructive, abusive or disruptive behavior of any sort will not be tolerated.

We hope that all guests enjoy their stay with us at the wonderful Olympic facilities. The preceding guidelines will be strictly enforced for the safety and overall welfare of all attendees.

Enjoy the 2017 Olympics in Downtown Milwaukee!




2017 Central Executive

Hyatt Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct has been established by the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee to maintain the safety and satisfaction of all guests of the hotel.  This Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced during the conference. Please read carefully and completely.

  • All attendees will obey the directives of the sponsor(s), the director(s), chaperones, parents, hotel staff and any person representing the organizing committee or hotel organization.  This includes abiding by the AYF Olympic Code of Conduct.
  • Everyone is expected to act in an appropriate and orderly manner at all times (especially in restaurants, hotel lobby, and public areas).
  • All guests of the hotel are prohibited from hanging, tacking, taping or adhering by any substance, items on structural surfaces of the hotel.  This includes elevators and doors, hallways, all doors, ceilings and guest room walls, not excluding mirrors.
  • Guests will be charged fees associated with missing or damaged items in the guest rooms to include towels, pillows, bed linens, irons, alarm clocks, coffee makers, guest room compendium, ice buckets, telephones, glasses, hairdryers, TV’s, lamps, artwork, and hangers.
  • Guests will be charged a fee of $250 each way for moving, dismantling, or removing any and all furniture and fixtures within or out of guest rooms, public areas or guest corridors.
  • The hotel policy for noise complaints is: (a) with the first complaint there will be a warning (b) if a second complaint is issued the guest will be asked to leave the hotel.  The guest will remain responsible for the full amount of their stay.
  • An adult chaperone or parent (21 or older) must always be aware of where their children are, during the entire conference. Parents and/or adult chaperones will be held strictly responsible for their children’s actions at all times.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in and around the hotel.  All guests are expected to dress appropriately for all events.
  • There will be no horseplay in rooms, in stairwells, hallways, elevators, and/or any other area of the hotel.
  • Any guest found to be dropping ANY item over the railing on a guest floor into the atrium will be immediately asked to leave the hotel.
  • All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking.  If you smoke in any guest room you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage to their hotel rooms or hotel property.  All rooms will be kept in an orderly condition.  Do not make any charges to your room including phone calls, movies, videos, room service, restaurants, and gift shop unless a valid credit card has been provided to the Front Desk.  The hotel, at there discretion, may choose to cut off access to any of the above-mentioned services.
  • When in use, radios and any other electronic device must be low in volume and restricted to hotel rooms.
  • Dangerous, illegal, or other inappropriate items will not be allowed and include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Water Pistols
    • Fireworks of any kind
    • Firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind
    • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or any other intoxicants, Non-prescription drugs